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232-pages, original high quality paperback on acid-free paper.
ISBN 0-9776263-0-X

Text of the above image copy for the bots: Across this Silent Canvas: a creative lfe, by Hubbard Miller. This is a book about being and becoming a powerful creative artist. Miller was an uncompromising man who went to become one of Seattle's best-known composers. Writers, musicians, poets, composers, artists of all disciplines will find this book deeply interesting and powerfully inspiring. Miller's language is beautiful yet down to earth; direct, honest and wonderfully insightful. The stories will touch you with all the magic of beautiful music. The book is filled with wisdom; day-by-day, year-by-year, dealing with the demands of art, keeping in sight the relationship to the world that motivates creative work.

"I only got to it about a week ago but, once begun, I found it completely engaging and read it straight through...it's a wonderfully elegiac and thoroughly enjoyable read."

—Stuart M.
Studio City, CA

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